Das Labor verfügt über modernste Ausrüstung im Bereich Robotik, intelligente Produktionssysteme und digitale Assistenzsysteme für die Produktion.

Husky - Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Description of the device:

Husky is a medium sized robotic development platform. It has a large payload capacity and an high-torque drive-train.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (External) 990 x 670 x 390 mm
Dimensions (Internal) 296 x 411 x 155 mm
Own Weight 50 kg
Max Payload 75 kg
Drivers and APIs ROS, C++ Library, MathWorks

Applications in the laboratory:

It is used as a multipurpose platform for the development of field robotic applications as well as applied research applications, e.g. perception, proximal sensing, picking, manipulation and so on.