Research Projects

Reconfigurable Collaborative Agri-Robots (Recoaro)

Funding Body: Research Südtirol/Alto Adige 2019
Duration : 01/10/2020 – 31/12/2023
Status: Active

Project Description:

This project involves the development of Modular reconfigurable robots (MRRs). MRRs are composed of interchangeable mechatronic modules that can be rearranged to adapt a robot to operate under new circumstances, perform different tasks, or recover from damage. It is anticipated the situations in which manually reconfigured MRRs will be deployed require the use of semi-automatic shared human-robot control. This work will involve developing a shared trajectory-tracking control system for an MRR.

SPRUCE-ROBOT: Smart PRUning and Climbing treEs ROBOT

Funding Body: CRC CALL 2018
Budget: 100.000 euro
Duration : 3 years
Status: Active

Project Description:

The project aims to design a climbing robot for pruning spruce trees without damaging the bark. According to the requirements and pruning methods for avoiding the flaws of the finished timber, guidelines and constraints for the mechatronic design of a new climbing robot for spruce-pruning activities were deduced. The preliminary scaled mechatronic prototype is experimentally evaluated on poles with diameters in the range of the young spruces, i.e., 100–200 mm, in its main climbing features. These results will serve as the basis for the system’s further development.