Student Projects

Project Title: Unmanned surface vessel for surveying shallow inland water

Student Name: Fernanda Dalla Vecchia Gueter

Year: 2019-2020

Motivation/Background Approach
• Water shortages due to and loss of aquatic biodiversity due to rapidly changing weather conditions & global warming
• Design an uncrewed surface vehicle to perform a survey of water depth to fill this gap
• Vessel that is cost beneficial, lightweight, and easy to transport and assemble while still having necessary attributes
• A stand-up water board is the body of the vessel.

Project Title: Development and testing of a mechatronic system and a ROS-based controller for a tracked off-road UGV

Student Name: Galli Davide

Year: 2022-2023

Motivation/Background Approach
Agroforestry 3.0 is increasingly relying of agroforestry on robots to perform repetitive task like, since robots are able to overcome critical human constraints.

The aim it to develop from scratch the interface between the Mattro ROVO 2, a radio-controlled mobile platform, and the Nvida Jetson TX2, a broadly used developing platform, to obtain a system capable of driving around autonomously given some inputs.

Project Title: Development of a path planning algorithm for a trimming robot

Student Name: Manzardo Matteo

Year: 2022-2023

Motivation/Background Approach
Nowadays, the operation of trimming an artistic bush is performed manually by skilled operators. The goal of the project is to automatize this operation by exploiting a robotic manipulator. In particular, in this project a method has been developed which automatically generates a path capable of cutting the bush in the shortest possible time and by performing an effective cut (precise and complete, i.e. every part of the bush is trimmed).